26.08.2015 18:11
Object of the sport, put your cornhole bags (4 of them) into the outlet of the cornhole board (27-ft away from you), for 3 points or on the floor of the board for one point every. And guess what of us, this can be a severe game with serious competitors, official guidelines and an official American Cornhole Association cornhole boards for sale (ACA) governing body with ACA Sanctioned Tournaments. Cornhole boards will be comprised of an entire information on-line or the boards and supplies might be bought from varied stores and on-line.

Our recent journey to North/South Caroline introduced a brand new and exciting sport into our lives and now you will discover us in our backyard enjoying Cornhole. Whereas enjoying diner and conversation at Mulligan's in Little River, SC owner Phil asked if we needed to get into the weekly Thursday night Cornhole event. Nicely anyway we have now change into hooked on the game and now have our personal boards, cornhole luggage and rating board. We discovered a nice flat surface within the back yard and set the boards immediately dealing with each other 27-feet apart.


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